Girls used to dance before the dancing began or in the intervals. It reminds us of the Hungarian ‘karikazo’ dance. They either simply hold their hands or cross their hands in front. It is begun by a song, in a closed circle by stepping; then, a faster-paced twirl follows accompanied by faster singing. These two parts may then be repeated. The numerous verses usually have the same beginning line (Hajdemo se u škovrt okretat; Hajd’te druge da se okrećemo); the lyric may correspond to the lyric of Marice kolo, Na dvi strane or Bećarac. They tend to be of funny, mocking, or love-related topics. Among the Bosnian dances, this dance is the only one that is performed solely by girls, merely for singing. Several melodies are known, some being a new style Hungarian folk song with Croatian lyric. Its most commonly used form is one from the oldest pieces for its music and lyric.



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