The 7/8-beat-melody (Šano, dušo...) took a long way (figuratively as well) from Vranje, southern Serbia until it reached its recent, nicely developed 6/8-beat-version of the Mohács tamburica bands. The Serbs along the river Maros call the intermittent melody Žikino kolo or Vranjanka. Still, the Hungarian Croats and Serbs do the same type of symmetrical right-moving dance as it is performed in Baranya county for the music of Srpsko kolo. This dance does not resemble the original of Vranje, instead it is related to Serbian dances called Jovančica (Jovanke, Stojanke). Besides the lowered-hand hold, we sometimes notice a slightly raised and elbow-bent hold, which is the hold of town dances in Serbia (gradske igre). It was a favorite of all ages due to its simple step. It was also called Devojče, Radojče, according to the lyrics of its songs.



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